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Why join a LeadTribe?  We are a relationship-based referral network that gives REAL leads and referrals to support each other and build each other's success.  No " quota " on referrals needs to be met; however, we do subscribe to the philosophy that givers gain, and our members take that seriously.  This is why there are a number of ways we support each other; coffee connections, giving praise, and social sharing - it all adds up.  What's important to the members is that our Tribes are built on a solid foundation of authentic connections and community.

LeadTribes - 3 Levels of Membership Options


This membership is for leaders in their industry who want to commit to attending meetings consistently.  You are looking to build strong connections, and have to capacity to grow at least 25% more in your business this year.  This membership level typically has the highest ROI as when you can commit to showing up, you build relationships and referrals faster.


This membership is for the entrepreneurial go-getter who can't commit to attending the meetings consistently, but want to be a part of a referral community.  This is for any business person who wants to be a part of a referral community but needs a bit of flexibility in the attendance requirements often found in other referral networking groups.


Clubhouse members get man benefits of our Tribe community.  Access to the directory of other Tribe Members, discounts on events and member-to-member services, online referral tracking, and a listing in our member directory.  This is a great option for entrepreneurs and business owners who cannot commit to attending meetings but want to be a part of a community of like-minded, success-driven entrepreneurs.



Held once a week on a Wednesday at 12:15p.m. at Stout and Monk.


Mississauga West

Held biweekly on a Thursday at 8am at Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge.



Held once a week on a Tuesday at 12 pm at State & Main.


Mississauga Central

Held once a week on a Wednesday at 8am at Orchard Family Restaurant.

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Global Virtual

Held each Thursday at 11 a.m. virtually online though Zoom on a video call.  Members from any country/area are welcome.

Leadtribes referral group clubhouse


Exposure at all Tribe events, attending 2 meetings per year, member discounts on other meetings, 1 virtual speed networking ticket, directory listings, and member-to-member discounts (this membership has certain limitations).

All Tribe Memberships include:

  • Unlimited attendance in their tribe location (Clubhouse excluded),
  • Virtual speed networking,
  • Discounts on special events,
  • A listing in our directory,
  • Exposure at events,
  • Tribe-only member-to-member discounts on products and services,
  • Member-to-member offers,
  • Multi-tribe exposure (access to the complete eco-system of tribes)
  • A referral tracking system,
  • Strong leadership

and for each closed referral, LeadTribes will proudly plant a tree through our partnership with OneTreePlanted.org

Upcoming Tribes

LeadTribe Map


Time and location to be determined.


Time and location to be determined.


Time and location to be determined.


Time and location to be determined.


Time and location to be determined.

London/South-Western Ont

Time and location to be determined.


Time and location to be determined.


Time and location to be determined.

Start a Tribe


If you don't see a LeadTribe in your area, and want to start your own reach out to our Founder and CEO to discuss starting a Tribe in your area. 

There are many benefits to launching a Tribe in your city, including tapping into our database of members, guests and special event attendees.  LeadTribes have a system for tracking leads, referrals, and connections that is like no other.  If you're looking to form a group who are serious about business and creating a huge network of referrals together, book a call with Linda now.


We believe in the inherent benefit of leadership, mentorship, training, and coaching in a nurturing and supportive environment for all members.


Did you know?

A portion of the membership fees goes towards planting trees.  Great idea right?  You can plant even more on your own right now.

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