LeadTribes - Summer BBQ

Members $10 - Guests $20

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LeadTribes - Summer BBQ

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Some of us are ready for a social distancing in-person event, so LeadTribes’ very own Linda Walters has been kind enough to invite us to her backyard!  (do we actually promote your address, or only include in confirmation emails?) While practicing safe distancing, we will enjoy the company of our members and guests for some much needed, face-to-face conversation and well, Socializing!

Come celebrate the business relationships you have, nurture them and create new ones!

We all rise together when we take time to really be there for each other.

Join us on Wednesday, August 12th at noon for some great cheer, innovative conversation and celebrations of all our business relationships.  Some of whom we even call “friends”.

Phenomenal people building phenomenal business.

Event Location

Location Oakville, Ontario, Canada

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